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Michigan is the first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes, in an action designed to keep young people from picking a harmful and addictive habit.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered the ban on flavored e-cigarettes, which appeal to kids, on Sept. 4, amid an outbreak of vaping-related illnesses in the Midwest. The first of its kind, the ban comes after the state health department labeled Michigan's youth vaping crisis a public health emergency. Nicotine can impair brain development, impact learning and cause mood disorders among the young.

“By banning flavored e-cigarettes in Michigan, Gov. Whitmer has stepped up in a big way to protect kids from ... nicotine addiction" said Matt Wellington, U.S. PIRG’s End the Nicotine Trap Campaign director. "Other governors should do the same."

Gov. Whitmer's ban is effective for six months, with a possible renewal for six more. Meanwhile, the state health department is drawing up a permanent ban.

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Photo: According to a recent FDA survey, 70 percent of youth who vaped said they did so because the products came in flavors they liked. Credit: TBEC Review via Wikimedia Commons

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