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Seventeen-year-old Surya Raghavendran knows how to fix a broken iPhone. We just need to pass a law to make Apple let him do it.

In September, U.S. PIRG and Environment Michigan began working with Surya to pass a state Right to Repair bill, which will make sure that independent repair businesses and consumers can get the parts and information they need to fix our phones, tablets and other products.

As Surya told Vice Motherboard, right now "companies use their power in the marketplace to make things harder to repair." 

“Surya [and others like him are] being blocked by policies which refuse to allow him access to things he needs to properly fix stuff," said U.S. PIRG's Nathan Proctor. "We want to be able to build a society where the expectation is that we can fix broken things.”

You can join Surya in standing up for the right to repair by taking action here.

Photo Caption: A number of entreprenuers like Surya Raghavendran would like the ability to more easily repair their own devices.  

Photo Credit: Dmytro Balkhovitin via Shutterstock

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